Next Level IT is your bridge to the cloud. We bring experience and knowledge in helping you get up to speed in the cloud for your deployments and implementations, while also handling your IT assets not appropriate or ready for the cloud. Our Columbia Missouri-based IT experts can seamlessly migrate your resources to the cloud without disrupting your day-to-day business operations.

Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Services

  • Cloud Backup
  • Email Hosting
  • Microsoft 365
  • Hosted Voice Solutions
  • Data Storage Solutions and Scaling
  • Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud Service Provider

Flexibility to develop and deliver applications, information, and critical resources to your locations in a safe, secure manner.

Cloud IT hosting gives your organization the ultimate flexibility of IT on demand.

By utilizing a cloud hosting solution your organization is not tied to the capital cost of purchasing its servers nor the soft costs of maintaining that environment. Next Level IT also provides your organization with IT expertise to help you design, implement, and maintain your hosted cloud. This will also allow your organization to save on operational costs because you will not have to hire an IT professional to be on-staff full time. Further, when your organization grows Next Level IT has the ability to add more resources on the fly to increase performance or accommodate growth on your cloud servers or cloud desktops and help meet new demands for your company. Having your organization’s cloud hosted with Next Level IT also means that if a disaster strikes, your data and cloud hosted servers are safe in our data center. These benefits will allow your organization to have a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Cloud hosting effectively removes the need that your organization might otherwise have for large servers. Servers and the maintenance of your servers can be incredibly expensive. Another consideration in terms of cost reductions is that cloud hosting reduces your need to purchase potentially costly software upgrades. Next Level IT will shoulder all of the costs to ensure that your dedicated servers are up-to-date and that the version of the application you are using is the most recent. Cloud hosting also means that your organization doesn’t have the need to have as much hardware on site which can also result in not needing to hire dedicated IT staff, which will decrease your organization’s overall operational costs.

As your organization demands more performance or simply grows, Next Level IT will be able to add on extra processing power, extra RAM, and extra storage. This means that when you are looking into the costs of cloud hosting, you can invest in packages that offer your organization just enough resources for now, and then scale resources up or down later on as demand increases or decreases. This type of flexibility can also offer your organization the potential for significant savings.

Another key benefit of cloud hosting is that we have exceptional disaster recovery services in place. This means that if your organization experiences a disaster, your applications and data will still be accessible from our data center.

It is worth taking the time to consider just how cloud hosting can make a positive difference in your organization’s ability to be efficient in all areas of professional excellence!